The Red Lion

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This is a play about football – but not what happens on the pitch. 

This is about all the drama in the changing room of a struggling semi-pro-league football club trying to juggle poor finances and the loss of a strong player. However, excitement ripples through the club when a young, talented player turns up and wants to play… and then the real drama begins!

Yates (Crispin Letts) is the kit man, he’s proud of the club as he used to play and people called him ‘The Legend’ and wants the club to be successful. He decides to take Jordan, the new young talent under his wing, he wants to protect him from Jamie Kidd, wants to mentor him and help him learn the ropes.

Jamie Kidd (Alastair Natkiel) is the manager and is ruthless, talks the talk and pushes everyone to their limits. He wants to win, he’s interested in the money and the power.

Jordan (Olatunji Ayofe) is the young talent, he’s street wise but just wants to play football and not get involved in the politics. However, just been part of the team means he’s involved.

As the play progresses it explores the three characters and the generations they represent each bringing different views and conflict to the table. As the story unfolds we see how each character has their own agenda and as their lies and secrets unravel so do their relationships and their ties with the very thing they thought there were protecting. The play pushes the limits of loyalty, morality, respect, trust and friendships.

We also get to see an insight to their back story and what has lead them to their secrets and as flawed as they are, they have one common obsession and that is football. 

It’s an curious play and I imagine there is some truth in the secrets and personal agendas which go on behind the scenes in football, after all if you get to a certain level there is a lot of money involved, and where there is money – there is corruption. 

It was set in a locker room, the showers were to the side and the big changing area was the main focus of the stage. It did seem a lot of space for the three to be in yet the three actors were good, portraying their characters well and using and filling the available space. 

Here is the trailer on YouTube

Age guidance is 14+ as there is strong language 


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