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The legendary Rock n Roll musical is on its 50th year anniversary world tour. It is the longest continuous run of a contemporary musical anywhere in the world and seen by 30 million people – now that’s an achievement!

So is it up to the hype? It’s a bonkers story: 

A young couple, Brad & Janet, break down and knock at the nearest house for help. The house is really a castle and the occupants are not what they seem – the master of the house, Dr Frank N Furter, is a mad scientist who is an alien transvestite from the planet Transsexual who has discovered how to create life and generates versions of ‘man’ until he achieves the perfect muscle man in his lab. The other eccentric characters in the castle join in the frivolity and madness of keeping Brad & Janet from leaving, however we think they enjoy their new experiences.

It’s a musical with fantastic songs, big score rock-anthem-worthy tracks being blasted out from the stage with an amazing live band sitting behind the set. The upbeat songs are memorable and clap-a-long brilliant and the ballads are heart-warming and encapsulating. This is eased by the superb singing from every member of the cast.

We have a Narrator, who pops along every so often with a quick update of events at the castle, who pauses mid-sentence to allow the audience members to shout out an alternative word or phrase to the sentence. Mostly the suggestions are rude, crude and funny.

It sets the tone and pace for the show, there are many times the audience shouts out to the stage, whether for suggested alternatives, or the moments of pause while the actor takes a breath and a rude word is inserted instead. Audience participation is what the show is about, from dressing up, shouting out crass words, to singing, clapping, laughing and of course dancing the Time Warp.

Main Cast
Dr Frank N Furter – Stephen Webb
Janet – Hayley Flaherty
Brad – Richard Meek
Narrator – Jackie Clune
Riff Raff – Kristian Lavercombe

The costumes, set, lighting are fantastic and everything about this show ticks the box for high level production in every detail. The cast were marvellous and all super talented. They must have incredible fun every night performing this show to so many audiences.

Do remember however, it’s rude, sexy, funny, and filled with tongue in cheek humour (and worse) as it’s about expressing yourself. There is plenty of flesh on show as many of the characters are in stockings, suspenders, corsets – and this is the men!

If you want to dress up to watch the show then do so – you will not be alone!

If you’ve no idea what this show is about please be very open minded and go with the flow.

The Rocky Horror Show is touring the UK – check dates and venues here.

Photos David Freeman.


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