Dexys – The Feminine Divine Live! 

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Dexys are currently touring the UK and Europe with the release of their new album ‘The Feminine Divine’

The first half of the show is billed as a ‘theatrical presentation’ of the new album with three acts:

Act One – Honesty
Featuring the tracks: 

  • The One That Loves you 
  • It’s Alright Kevin (Manhood 2023)
  • I’m Going to Get Free
  • Coming home

Act Two – Attitude to Women
With the title track ‘The Feminine Devine’

Act Three – The Relationship
Included the songs:

  • Goddess Rules
  • My Submission
  • Dance with Me

The songs of this album are a celebration of the power and strength of women and how men need to understand and respect this. Although I think a few times it goes over that line and gets a bit creepy, obsessive and made me feel a little uncomfortable, but that might have been the attempt at the ‘theatricals’ which were a little half hearted. The ‘bits’ between the songs were a slim effort to link to the next track rather than any chat to give the audience any thoughts or background behind the song.

Overall however the tracks on the album have a Dexys vibe, with their electronic synth sounds with the brass and violin – all came together for a good show. There was a mix of foot tapping tracks with links to Northern Soul sounds, R&B and the slow, melodic, almost talking not singing tracks to deepen the emotions of the words. Kevin Rowland still has his distinctive sound within his voice, although just rougher around the edges with age and he’s still the eccentric character his audience loves.

The rest of the band were great musicians and were

Claudia Chopek – violin
Sean Read – saxophone, keys, vocals 
Michael Timothy – keyboard
Alistair Whyte – trombone

The second half was pretty much back to back tracks from the first two studio albums which delighted the fans as there were songs you were not expecting them to play.

They ended this half with ‘Come on Eileen’ and of course the whole audience was up and dancing. As they went off, we were wondering whether that was it? Surely ‘Come on Eileen’ was an encore song?

With a slightly longer pause than you’d expect, they did come back out for a four-song encore that included ‘Geno’ and ‘Jackie Wilson Said (I’m in Heaven When You Smile’ to the delight of the audience.

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