Me? If you must know…

Music, theatre, books, more music, laughter, smiles and huge amounts of sarcasm is the basis for my life.

Music: Lucky enough to have a mother who loved music and it was always playing in the house, whether classical or random stuff she picked up. Married a musician and again constant music in the house, been to endless gigs and shows and have really had a musical adventure. Love most of it as it really can change your life.

Theatre: Somehow managed to be one of the leads in too many school productions when I wanted to be behind the scenes. I worked in a theatre Box Office while at University and the role included steward duties, which meant you watched the shows too (!). The hardest stint was the kids half-term The Owl & The Pussycat performance which I must have sat through about 20 times and I still remember one of the songs.

Reading & Writing: I have always loved reading and disappearing into a book. I’ve worked in a library and still love going to libraries.  I worked in a publishing company for over a decade editing submitted works, also edited and (carefully) commented on ex-husbands many written pieces.

I write for Grapevine.

Love new talent and going to gigs & shows to explore what’s out there. Let me know about them!