Eliza Delf and The Wilderness Collective

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I do like being invited along to new music especially as the press release came in with a deliciously interesting array of tantalising descriptive paragraphs – here is one: 

 ‘Norwich-based Eliza Delf is a dramatic new presence on the musical landscape – joyfully trespassing across the carefully tended genre boundaries of indie, folk, and progressive art rock, whilst leaving a trail of comparisons with Kate Bush, Florence Welch, and Annie Haslam in her wake’.

This is enough to say ‘Yes, I’m in’ and take a punt on taking up a Saturday night and trying not to raise my expectations too high. A new venue too – The Corn Hall in Diss is a fantastic venue!

Eliza Delf and her band The Wilderness Collective who are a five-piece band offering something a little more intriguing with their arrangements and instruments – for example, there is a cello – not always the first thought for a band but adds a great layer.

The drummer, or really I should say percussionist, was creating all types of luscious sounds to keep an array of rhythms embedded in each track.

Each band member added to the overall wonderful sound yet we could individuality hear their instrumental contribution.

The gig was to showcase the album ‘Into The Wilderness’ which was released late 2023 – and it was a great showcase!

The album does take you through a journey through the imaginative landscape of Eliza, each song takes you through a voyage of sounds, lyrics and musicality to a destination which is unknown. Eliza is not afraid to explore, not afraid to think outside the box for the music she wants to create, yet still make it engaging for the audience. There are 70s vibes, progressive rock, folk, indie, there are time changes and she’s not afraid of musical gaps. Some would say it can get slightly bonkers however this is really charming.

There is drama in each song, there is a story in each song, a story where you could almost imagine it on a screen as each is so full of delights. She uses her voice to explore past her comfortable range, but this makes it so authentic and real. The harmonies with the cello player are lovely. The album is good and and I can say Eliza is much more in the flesh and is certainly one to try to see live so you can be emersed in the whole experience of being in her musical wilderness.

Into The Wilderness Album Tracks:

Stealing My Fear Away
If She Were To Fall
Singing With My Ghosts 
My Familiar
Heaviness In The Head
In The Court Of The Queen of Strangeness
Into The Wilderness 

The support this night was by The Trips, a trio playing acoustic Americano who’s voices and harmonies were just delightful.

Photo Credit: Owain Delf

Eliza Delf
The Corn Hall, Diss
The Trips


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