BurySOUND 2024 – Heat Two

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BurySOUND Heat Two showcased another amazing group of artists from the region hoping to perform at The Apex in the grand final on 8th March.

Heat Two winners DEAD DISTANCE impressed the judges with their gothic indie rock style. Their tracks were well structured and performed in a relaxed style. The band energies match each other which captivated the audience and they all seemed to enjoy being in the moment. The instruments all had their part to play, which in the crowd you could hear the distinct sounds, yet it all came together as they played some cracking songs. Good lead vocalist to round off a great band. 

The other acts in Heat Two at The Hunter Club:

FRANKIE – only 16 years of age, Frankie was on stage singing mainly originals with her guitar and doing a pretty good job. With a bit more confidence and power to her voice, I’m sure she will be able to explore her talent further.

GABRIELLE ORNATE – and her band were full of interesting musical moments. The three in the band were very good musicians with special mention to Orlando Avalon the guitar player extraordinaire  – a hugely talented guitarist with a tongue in cheek ego to match. Gabrielle was confident, a great performer and managed to mix her ethereal folklore energies with a banging rock atmosphere. 

NOT UNTIL FOUR – a four-piece used to gigging managed to engage the crowd with their foot-tapping indie rock sounds. The three guitarist also took it in turns to sing which gave a good variety to the set.

The headline act, FUZE, no strangers to The Hunter Club, hence why they were invited to perform while the judges were off discussing the winner.

Photos: Hayley Clapperton


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