BurySOUND 2024 – Heat One

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It’s that fabulous time of year when BurySOUND at The Hunter Club kicks off to showcase a huge array of talent from the region via a series of heats, the winners from each heat then go on to perform at The Apex in the grand final on 8th March.

Heat One set the bar high for the whole competition and was won by HEADCHECK, a four-piece indie/rock band with plenty of guitar sounds to keep the audience happy. Their sound gave off an early-90s kind of Brit-pop vibe but with a bit more punk and grit. Proficient musicians who impressed the judges and got voted through to the final.

The other acts of the Heat One were:

CHEMICAL PARADOX – a duo who started the evening with their experimental sounds which came together pretty well to give off a grungy rock vibe. With only drums and a guitar they made a decent amount of noise for just the two of them and it was good to see them exploring sounds and being outside the box.

MANIC STANLEY – this time a trio making plenty of rock sounds with a couple of catchy tunes. They kept within their style, had good structure to their tracks, a good female lead with a voice that can hold a decent tune but also be gritty – lots of versatility. These guys have good potential.

TONYT – a full on immersive experience with some great songs which got the crowd dancing and engaged. A very tight band with lots of stage presence, which shows their level of gig experience. Plenty of variety in their set to showcase their songs, there was a bit of funk, pop tracks and some pretty cool rapid rapping. A good set.

BELLA ROSS – at 15, Bella obviously had plenty of nerves as she sang nearly all originals with her keyboard, but what guts to get up on there and perform after everyone else! Bella just about kept her nerves in check and gave a good performance with her lovely voice. Great storytelling songs with plenty of emotion alongside gentle keyboard playing. The balance was spot on as the focus was on her voice and lyrics. Definitely potential and it would be interesting to watch her develop her talent. 

The headline act, SETTLEMENTS kept the audience entertained with their rock energy while the judges deliberated the acts of the night.

Photos by kind permission from Derek Mitchell @hagglephotos 


Betty Blue Eyes

BurySOUND 2024 – Heat Two


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