Top Ten for 06.03.22

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‘Tired of Tryin’ – Hydraulic Jack and the Lifters (Jackism)
‘Wet Dream’ – Wet Leg (Wet Dream)
‘For Every Number’ – Rev Simpkins & the Phantom Notes (For Every Number)
‘Hello My Old Friend’ – Zoe Schwarz, Blue Commotion (Chameleon)
‘Portrait 1’ – The Howl & The Hum (Portrait)
‘Oh My God’ – Supracelestials (Oh My God)
‘Heart Beats’ – Collars (Heart Beats)
‘Pray for Rain’ – Final Transmission (Chrysalis)
‘Close the Door’ – Three Years Younger (Close the Door)
‘Angel’s Nails’ – Brazen Bull (Brazen Bull)

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BurySOUND Heat Five

Steve Farell – Knotted


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