BurySOUND Heat Five

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A packed and diverse line up for another hard round for the judges in heat 5 of BurySOUND 2022.

First up was Supracelestias a three-piece gothic rock/pop band with a hint of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Great guitar playing and a drummer with some decent and creative drum riffs. These guys had a pinch of uniqueness to them and they have some real potential with their melancholic yet empowering sound.

Collars were next on the stage and they are a duo who between them play enough instruments for a full band, and more. Kane plays great guitar riffs while also being the drummer. They are indie, punk, pop but not as you know it. Collars are not scared to push boundaries to make their style of music. They are fresh, funky, talented, full of energy and adoringly bonkers.

Third up were Final Transmission a five-piece metal band with a good singer who can death growl in tune. A tight band with the right amount of ‘heavy’ not to turn into a metal mess. These guys had melodies in their tracks and were very listenable.

Next up was Anorak a four-piece female fronted indie group who produced some cracking tracks. Some nerves were there as it was their first gig, however if a first gig is as good as that it will be great to see what they can do when the nerves have waned. Their tracks were well structured, engaging and full of lyrics and already sounding on trend.

Another female fronted group Three Years Younger were on next. Keys, acoustic guitar and bass with two singers – two singers who had the most wonderful of voices, between them created beautiful harmonies and it’s safe to say the best harmonies of the whole competition. Their style of music was indie with a sprinkling of folky popness and was filled with enjoyable storytelling lyrics.

Brazen Bull were up next to showcase their talents. A guitar throbbing metal band with plenty of death growls and head banging beats to show off all that hair. An engaging chemistry with the crowd and great players.

The Routine a five-piece indie rock band with a high level of musicianship. A tight band playing very enjoyable songs with plenty of banging guitar riffs and rocking drum beats to the delight of the crowd. The singer has a distinctive voice and the songs were ones you wouldn’t be surprised to hear coming out of the radio and tapping along to.

This round, the judges took the longest to make a decision due to the high quality acts, however Collars got the vote to go through to the final.

As Heat 3 was cancelled due to Storm Eunice the judges were tasked with selecting a wild card entry from all the entrants in Heats 4 & 5. After reviewing all the acts and heavy discussions a vote was cast and Three Years Younger won the wild card entry and are through to the final at The Apex 18th March.

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