The Nutcracker & The Mouse King

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Based on the original story by ETA Hoffmann, This Is My Theatre Productions brings this family-friendly tale to rural communities this winter.

Marie and her brother Frederick are excited for Christmas to the point they can’t wait to open their presents, so Godfather allows them to open one gift each. Marie believes she is getting another doll, which doesn’t fill her with too much joy as her other dolls are left on the shelf and not played with. Godfather seeing her sadness says she can look after something special, it’s a wooden soldier which is a nutcracker. She is told to always look after it as it is very special and the amulet must always be kept on it.

The Nutcracker is actually a boy and when she sleeps, he takes Marie away to a fantasy land. At first she thinks it’s a dream….but it is? Within this magical world where her toys come to life, they and the Nutcracker are trying to defeat evil The Mouse King who has taken over all the realms and can Marie help break the curse which has been haunting the realms for a long time?

It’s a children’s story full of wonder and plenty of twists and is the timeless good fighting evil and winning through never giving up and staying pure, which provides many positive lessons.

This adaptation really brings the story to life through its creative set, props and talented actors. The minimalist inventive approach is something This Is My Theatre brings to every performance. This ingenuity gets into your brain as they artfully pull your imagination into the magical worlds they create to tell their stories. The Nutcracker & The Mouse King was filled with toys coming to life, a seven-headed mouse, a Princess, a curse, a battle, soldiers, seven realms, clocktowers, hot air balloon ride… and many other elements you couldn’t imagine being in a performance in a rural location.

Once again, This is My Theatre have produced a stunning family show which keeps the audience enthralled all the way through.


Lily Smith as Maria
Jamie Patterson as The Nutcracker
Madeline Hatt as Miss Clara/Soothsayer
Edward Kaye as Godfather Drosselmeier
Andy Colter as The Mouse King

The Nutcracker & The Mouse King is currently on tour – click here for remaining tour dates


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