Anitgen Records 21st Anniversary Show

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Antigen Records are self-described as a label run by, and for musicians marginalised by their lack of interest in the music business, their dedication though has obviously paid off as they held their 21st Anniversary Show at The Baths in Ipswich.

To start the evening off we had the wonderfully distinctive John Callaghan whose performance was as much about the multi-faceted costumes as well as the music. At one point his costume was being inflated as he sung one of his electro pop tracks. His tracks sound simple with their 80s Casio chimes and simple electronic drum machine noises, however with his poetic and thought provoking lyrics this guy’s creativity gives us an insight into how he views the world, and it’s not like the rest of us. His music is as charming as he is and he treated us to a new song, yet unheard by his adoring fans ‘Shepherds Tongue’.

Sealionwoman graced the stage and consists of Kitty Whitelaw on vocals and Tye McGivern on the double bass. A unique duo creating exceptional musical sounds. Her haunting gothic jazz voice with an incredible lower range melting with the deep melancholic double bass created dark folk music with a hint of jazz. It was atmospheric music with an alien quality and deeply entrancing.

Rev Simpkins: Pissabed Prophet – Rev Simpkins is described as ‘an unholy brew of bruising freak blues, string-snapping finger-twanged folk and sanctified psychedelia’ and I honestly couldn’t put it better myself. Performing on stage as trio Rev Simpkins: Pissabed Prophet these guys were a jolt of high energy antics where their souls have been lost to their incredible music. The trio include bassist Ben Brown and trumpeter Tony Bull, both super talented as they took it in turns to play on the drums, as well as Rev’s son who took over when their respective instruments needed attention. Their set was too short, the music ripped out your soul and refused to give it back, it was fantastic. Superb guitar riffs and the vocals were incredible, Matt & Ben’s harmonies are astonishing.

Headliners Earth Mother F*cker ripped the stage apart (not literally) with their raw post-punk and rebellion against the world. Proper anarchy angst as you would expect from guys who were part of the scene and therefore totally authentic. We had a bonus guest as Kitty from Sealionwoman joined in for one of the tracks. The crowd were doing their moshing and sky punching with good humour. It was a great lively set where the audience were singing, or should I say shouting along to the tracks.

Henry Homesweet was keeping the crowd moving with his mix of electronic samples and keys, a mix of trancy popy sounds mixed with heavy drum beats. Getting the crowd into a pleasing frenzy at times.

To end the night was DJ Cambelt Panic with her great mix of tracks, still keeping the audience dancing, but to a slower groove.

It was an excellent celebratory night at The Baths, enjoying an eclectic mix of live music.

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