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Yes! This was everything you would expect from a dancing musical and so much more! 

Based on the Australian early 1990s movie about the pressures, jealousies and politics within dancing competitions, particularly the build-up to the Pan-Pacific Dancing Championships.

It’s a big cast with lots of storylines which intertwine within the overall arc. We have Scott who is trying to find his own style and push the boundaries of dance by creating steps which are not approved by the Federation (Latin dance was not regulation at this point), this annoys both his dance partner Liz, who wants the fame and glory so she partners with popular dancer Ken, who is actually an alcoholic, and the head of the Federation, Barry who’s ego and womanising stretches everyone’s patience.

Scott’s parents Shirley, who is a dance teacher and Doug, who is the maintenance guy at the dance studio, have a secret they have been hiding from Scott for years. Then we have Fran, the beginner, who wants to dance with Scott as she wants to explore dance but also Scott (!), then Champion dancer Tina muscles in as she wants to win the next competition and it all moves along with every character having a back story. It’s great, it adds an overall depth to the show, and it moves along swiftly to get everything in but without feeling it is going too fast.

This is all about dance, which means there is almost constant dancing and it’s fantastic! The whole cast are amazing showcasing all the dances you can think of and with the wonderful costumes you did think you were in the Strictly Come Dancing studio. The music was great, the singing was excellent, the set and costumes colourful, and along with some Australian cheesy tongue in cheeky shenanigans it was certainly a show to enjoy. 

Although all of the ballroom dancing side of the show was amazing and without trying to give anything away, the Latin American aspects of the storyline were phenomenal. The producers of the show had created these two colliding worlds of dance in a way to make it so enjoyable for the audience. Jose Agudo was incredible and stole the show with his tangible Latin American passion which oozed over the stage.

A super fun night with a few twists and surprises and full of exceptional talent.  Click here for the tour dates.

Photo Credit: Ellie Kurttz

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