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Wowzers!! The final of BurySOUND 2023 was incredible! In fact, those who have been following this music competition all said it has been the best final ever and what an accolade to mark its 25th Anniversary year. Well done BurySOUND.

**The winners of BurySOUND 2023: BlueFeed** 

With their easy confidence, this trio filled the stage with their natural presence and also filled the sound with their energy and well-crafted tracks. There were retro influences coming through from the different decades yet they managed a fresh indie rock, funky sound which kept you entertained. They had variety in their songs, great melodies, great musicianship from all three and an easy vibe which held your attention. The guys managed to write a song a few days before the final so they could show they were serious. FB Link

OutBound won the Rising Star Award with their cool guitar indie sound with a lead singer who can engage the crowd with his voice and personality. There were surprising hints of blues in the guitar solos which sounded awesome within the tracks. They showcased a selection of songs which included a couple of softer tracks to give some depth to their set.

Ikarus exploded onto the stage with their young teenage energy and for a group this age, they were fantastic. Their alternative indie rock with their drive were a pleasure to watch. Some cracking songs and they got better as the set went on. The last song blew me away as the lead singer swapped his guitar out for a tambourine (a brave move) and showed us why they were in the final. FB Link.

Mille Kirkpatrick was clever and stepped up her game for the final – she brought a band with her. A great move as this really added depth to her sound with the addition of drums and bass. These guys were utter pros and hung back on their instruments to make it all about Millie and her singing and song writing. Her voice was great, her songs were telling a story, Millie produced a great set amongst a very strong final.

Anorak put up a brilliant performance as a five-piece with the lead singer having the young angst energy we all wish we still had! 

Headlining the final were last year’s winners Collars with their bright personalities and post punk tracks matching their outfits. Always love a bit of Collars.

The whole evening was incredible for young talent and new music on the local scene. All the bands stepped up their game and held their own on the big stage with a bigger audience, they all produced amazing music and fresh sounds – all the bands are worth keeping an eye on to see where they go in the future as they all had radio-ready tracks.

It was a tough decision by the judges and it was very close between the top 3.


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