Playlist 10.04.22

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‘Under the Waves’ – Fuzzy Lights (Under the Waves)

‘The Village Green Preservation Society’ – Kate Rusby (Awkwad Annie)

‘Damn the Reason’ – Sari Schorr (A Force of Nature)

‘Storm Warning’ – Annie Keating (For Keeps)

‘Follow You Down’ – Charlotte Carpenter (Follow You Down)

‘Under My Wheels’ – Green Lung (Killer: 50 Years Later)

‘Hey Heartbreaker’ – Dream Wife (Hey Heartbraker)

‘How Do I Know?’ – Thomas Headon (Victoria)

‘Lipstick’ – Caroline (Oh, What A Ride)

‘One More Time’ – Dave Thomas (G&T)

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Luke Wright

Playlist 17.04.22


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