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Luke Wright is a poet, a modern-day storyteller with a difference.

Playing at an intimate gig in Lowestoft Luke’s performance was uniquely brilliant. Just him and a microphone, he spoke to the crowd with intent, passion and warmth.

He gave us funny anecdotes, sometimes spinning off into obscurity, but they were tales about his life and his memories. These were used to cleverly, or uniquely link his poems together.

Luke’s poems are a delight to listen to and he performs them with intense velocity and intensity – his words demand to be spoken. There is a huge range of subject matters within his poems: pandemic issue, having a bad day, insults on life, family and relationships, millennials, growing up, a lion on the loose… it’s a varied and entertaining programme!

Luke is articulate, intelligent, funny and he brings poetry with a different angle to become accessible. There was a poem cleverly done to music, no not singing or rapping but poetry and we got to experience some new material.

The cleverest of the night was his ‘One Vowel Rap’ all the words within the poem only contained one vowel, and the same vowel! Clever stuff.

Luke Wright’s performances are certainly unique and worth going along to experience something different.

Photo credits: Emily Fae

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Marina Theatre Lowestoft
Luke Wright


The Lion, The Witch And the Wardrobe

Playlist 10.04.22


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