Phoebe Austin – Wreckage of Desire

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Phoebe Austin as a young singer songwriter and has launched her debut EP ‘Wreckage of Desire’ – 5 tracks, 23 minutes of a pouring out of emotions.

Phoebe plays both the guitar and keys therefore the tracks are guitar or keys lead, however there are plenty of other instruments, it’s nearly a whole orchestra. However, this suits the style of music, emotional and passionate and having an orchestra with you adds to the drama. There is a folky back note which suits her lovely on-trend voice. Phoebe has great voice control and a range that suits the dramatic songs, you can hear the emotion both when she is singing delicately or firing up. The harmonies in ‘Serenity’ are ethereal and all tracks are beautifully sung.

There is a pattern to the tracks, they start slow or gentle and they take you on a journey as the track builds up to a crescendo, although not always in a straight line as tempos weave themselves through, and then takes you back to ground zero, sometimes with a bump.

For a young singer songwriter, the lyrics are mature and each song is telling a story which pulls you in, you feel as you’ve been living the story. It’s an EP to stick on loud and have a good emotional release to.

This EP is professionally produced and mixed just right to hear all the instruments and Phoebe’s voice. It’s a showcase EP where almost everything has been put into it in fear of missing something out, however they have got away with it. It’s listenable, emotional and you can imagine them being played on the radio.

Wreckage of Desire tracks:
This is War
Oh My My My
Fire Watch

Fave track – Shadows

Fave lyrics –  “Rushing into nothing in the hope of feeling something”

Phoebe Austin


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