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An evening of magic tricks! Magical Bones is a street magician who came very close to Britain’s Got Talent and this is his long awaited tour, delayed due to the pandemic, but now he is out there stunning audiences with his tricks.

As an ex-hip hop dancer, Bones incorporates some smooth dance moves into his act even conducting tricks whilst breakdancing.

Bones was friendly and warm it was like having your mate in your front room in the way he was chatting to the audience. This suited his style as it was relaxed and not a highly polished shiny show. It was accessible street magic and he’s made the transition to the stage very well.

There were several card tricks where he takes the time to build the story and tension. There are jokes along the way as he constantly keeps us entertained.

The card tricks are impossible! I can’t reveal too much about the tricks otherwise you won’t go to the show, but how he does it is beyond comprehension to be honest. There were gasps of disbelief as he did the reveals and we were all attempting to figure them out with zero conclusions.

He fully engages the audience. Several audience members were pulled out, either to help with tricks on stage, or to check the durability of the handcuffs and chain. We were also pulled in to help with the direction of tricks to prove there were random choices and he had no influence – yet he still gets the reveals spot on.

We were all given an envelope at the start of the show, which was for an all audience participation trick later on. We all joined in and the trick worked… it worked I could not tell you. I can’t even begin to guess.

The close-up card tricks were done under a camera set-up and showed on a screen for all to see. The screen was also used to tell a story of his main influence: Henry ‘Box’ Brown, who squeezed into a box mailed himself to freedom.

It’s a complete family show, there were kids there as well as grandparents and all ages in between. It was very entertaining and he came out at the end of the show to speak to the audience and have photos taken.

Magical Bones


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