40 min Playlist 13.03.22

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‘All This Time’ – Clive Carroll (Life in Colour)

‘Missing Chemicals’ – Adam Thomas (Fourteen)

‘Walk You Home’ – Karmina (Car Train Ship Plane)

‘Godless, Graceless and Young’ – The Glorious Sons (Young Beauties and Fools)

‘Heavy’ – Linkin Park (One More Light)

‘Undercurrent’ – Three Years Younger (Close the Door)

‘Take Me Back, Tuck Me In’ – The Routine (Under the Circumstances)

‘Feel The Love’ – Yes Sir Boss (King in a Rocking Chair)

‘Real Life’ – Gabby Rivers (Real Life)

‘Friday Nights’ – Knotted (The Weekender)

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Magical Bones – Black Magic



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