Larkin Poe – Venom & Faith

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I’m not sure I have a wide enough vernacular to describe this one and how many times can I say “I love it’?

American Roots Rock is how Larkin Poe is described and yes that’s true – blues, country, bluegrass, rock, gospel and folk sprinkled with lot of sass too! Female fronted talent – there will be sass involved.

It’s a great album and pulls at your soul. It has a rich, deep south feel with a modern rock dimension. The Lovell sister’s voices are not only perfect for harmonies, their tones are a delight on the ears and fit with the rock as they are not girly voices. I love how they slide up the notes like the slide guitar and when the voice and guitar match – you can feel it deep in your chest.

Opening track ‘Sometimes’ kicks off with a track you instantly want to alternately clap and tap – you’ll know when you hear it. Each song is different and each song is grabs the full attention of your ears….and your soul. The lyrics are worth paying attention to – even if being able to sing and be part of the tracks.

There is plenty of guitar on this album, as to be expected, but it’s good. Superb riffs, sliding notes, melodic and rocking. Also making an appearance is the omnichord, lap steel and banjo which all accumulate to the quality sound.

It’s an album worth listening to.

Best lyric of the album:

Why am I swimmin’ 
In the dirty water
Of a bad decision


Adam Thomas

Lucky No 7


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