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These guys are getting a name for themselves with their abilities to write cracking tracks alongside being great musicians and now they have finally released their long awaited debut EP ‘Issues’. I had a listen…..

‘Issues’ encompasses where they are today with regards to their sound, which categorically is ‘Tempus Frayed’. Remember, this trio got together in lockdown. They have a sound which is ultimately theirs, a combination of brilliant guitar riffs, melodies and general awesome guitariness, excellent drumming not only for the tone but the actual drum riffs which are not always the norm for this type of rock, plus smashing vocals from Kailan, a distinctive voice who not only can hold the notes but actually has a lovely sounding voice which carries the melodies over and through the rock beats.

The EP is classic Tempus Frayed, there are influences from all areas of rock and pop but they make it fresh, very listenable and certainly each track is radio worthy. The tracks build you up to a frenzy then give you just an instant to regroup, to almost take a breath before that anticipated moment for all to join in with that heavy beat with any part of your anatomy you can move.

Sam Pritchard’s drumming is so cool, he’s one of those drummers you think has six limbs.

The EP has catchy chorus elements which make you want you to sing loud and proud at whatever device you have on volume 11 and they don’t shy away from solid 5 minute tracks so never do you feel cheated.

‘Need Your Kinda Love’ starts off as a ballad, which is a brave move from the boys and I must say an excellent one – it’s fabulous. This song could be a classic as it has everything in it – the soft slow start, the build-up, the emotional journey through to the crescendo where you find yourself playing the air drums, as it doesn’t quite end up as a ballad. It really show cases Kailan’s voice too.

The EP, and the band themselves can reach a wide ranching audience, they are not too heavy but enough guitar and drums to keep the rock guys happy and with a slant to the rock pop it keeps the other side happy. Good songs, good singing, good sounds, good music. That’s all that’s need to enjoy this EP

Any scouts out there? Look this way….

Running From The Rain
Miles & Miles
Movie Scene
Need Your Kinda Love
Be The One (remastered) Side noteCheck out the acoustic version of this one, it’s awesome

Currently these guys really are hot potatoes and their live sound matches their recordings so catching them at a gig is really worth it. That energy which oozes out of your loud speaker at home is electrified when you are in their presence. 

Available to stream on every platform.

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