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Tempus Frayed are a new up and coming rock band who are getting radio plays and are already winning awards – they were voted Best Contemporary Rock Band of 2021 by Radio Wigwam and they are on the short list to play the ERB Stage at Breaking Bands Festival 2022.

I went to see them at a rehearsal gig before supporting Renegade Twelve and they have a sound and energy which makes you take notice. These are certainly a band to keep an eye on as their music really is rock for the masses. I got to chat with the singer and lead guitar Kailan Last.

HC: Who does what in the band?
Kailan Last – Vocals/Lead Guitar
Sam Pritchard – Drums
Wade Currin – Rhythm Guitar

HC: How would you describe your style?
Kailan: I’d say our style is very mainstream and aimed at a wide audience, however it’s also very hard to put a finger on a band who’s very similar to us… with our sound being hard hitting, a bit heavier and mixed with my pop/acoustic style vocals and experience with lighter song writing, it’s created a unique yet very relatable selection of songs.

HC: Where did the band name come from and what else was in the short list?
Kailan: Tempus Frayed was a strong name idea in our opinion a few years back for another band project but due to Covid and other life circumstances our music journey got put off for a couple of years. The first lockdown was announced and this motivated us to start the project back up again with a new approach and new members. However there weren’t any other band names we had in mind. We fell in love with that from day one due to it’s translation being ‘times worn’. which in our minds corresponded back to the whole world being put on hold and damaged from Covid. 

HC: Has it been a good year for you – what have you done in your first year?
Kailan: This first year for us has been overwhelmingly good! We originally just wanted to release a song so we could listen to it ourselves and show some friends and family whilst we were stuck on our XBox’s in lockdown. The response we had to our first release ‘Be The One’ made us realise that we needed to pursue this properly and since then motivated us to push to new heights. All within our first year we’ve released seven singles, four music videos, had our first big sell out show at The John Peel Centre alongside Renegade Twelve and that’s just a few things we’ve been up to this year.

HC: You supported Renegade Twelve before Christmas – how was that?
Kailan: Since it was our first big show there was so much pressure put on us by ourselves to make it something that people would remember. We couldn’t have dreamt of it going any better! We had the room packed, everyone moving, so many people in our merch and everyone singing along to originals that had only been played live once before! so that made our year! We are yet to calm down from it…

HC: Are you finding your sound evolving, or are you pretty solid with your current sound?
Kailan: We have such a wide range of music preferences between us. Every song released so far or gig we will ever play seems to have some sort of different style approach implemented into it that the last one didn’t. So it may sound sometimes like we are evolving/changing however I personally see it as we are slowly with every release/show revealing something else that we are capable of or influenced by.

HC: Who are each of your influences?
Kailan: Yngwee Malmsteen, Rabea Massaad and Michael Buble
Sam: Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)
Wade: Green Day, Don Broco

HC: Are you mates outside of the band?
Kailan: No. we can’t stand each other 😉 Can’t see us ever not being in each other’s lives if I’m honest. (But don’t tell the guys I said that…I’d be bullied haha)

HC: What types of music do you enjoy listening to when you are relaxing?
Kailan: I know we all like a wide range of music and especially our chilled music to help calm us down from our hype. Personally I love listening to anything from Michael Buble to Bruno Mars and Sam Fender. Sam listens to artists such as Luke Combs, Cody Fry and Novo Amor. And you won’t find a bigger Green Day fan than Wade… He is basically the spinning version of Billie Joe Armstrong.

HC: When you become famous, what will your rider be?
Kailan: Pizza

HC: What artist/group would you like to support?
Kailan: It’s a longshot but we have the big dreams and motivation to keep pushing to support the likes of Catfish And The Bottlemen, Green Day, Foo Fighters and there are plenty of local artists we would love to support in the near future which we have our fingers crossed for such as Hollowstar, Scarlet Rebels and many more.

HC: What ambitions do you have within the music industry?
Kailan: We want to make a dent in the music scene as the three best friends that release hard hitting, relatable tunes that anyone can find interesting. Also the energy and pure passion that emits from us on stage is just so pure. There is nothing more in the world that makes us feel more at home than being on stage entertaining you guys in the crowd! So we just want as many people to enjoy it and even if it just makes one person on the night smile, sing along and enjoy themselves… That’s worth the thousands of hours of practice to us.

HC: What do you feel is the best song you’ve released so far and why?
Kailan: Every song has a different connection to us so I really don’t think we could pick a favourite. However, I think we agree that either ‘Be The One’ or ‘Stubborn’ when performed on stage is undoubtedly something that sends us into an energy overload…

HC: On a scale of 1 to 10, how weird are each of you?
Kailan: Well I would personally say I’m a good 4/10 on the weird scale, however Sam’s a solid 12.5 and Wades a decent 6…

HC: If you could only eat one thing for a whole week, what would you choose?
Kailan: We basically live on pizza when we are together so I wouldn’t be surprised if we released a song about pizza or had our debut album art as a slice of pizza. So my answer is… PIZZA!

HC: What’s your favourite word?
Kailan: PIZZA!

HC: Who’s your celebrity crush?
Sam’s is definitely Vanessa Hudgens… he won’t stop talking about her.
Wade’s a die hard Tay Tay Swifty fan.
And mine would have to be Ariana Grande.

HC: Who was your first gig?
Kailan – Crossfaith
Sam – Foo Fighters
Wade – Green Day

HC: What is the stupidest thing you ever did on a dare?
Kailan: One of us was dared to eat a tuna and chocolate sandwich… but you’ll never find out which one of us did it..



The Nimmo Twins – A Load of Old Squit

Under The Sun – Floating


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