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There was a big ‘wooooooo’ the instant the lights when down – people were excited. Big stage, musician stations on two levels and a big screen as a back drop. 

A video introduction to build their entrance was dramatic and then a touch of humour, good these guys don’t take themselves too seriously. They only sang ‘ooooooo’ as they came on and the crowd were happily cheering.

Four strappingly handsome men singing doo-wop, Motown, Christmas songs and love tracks, it’s an enjoyably warm and lovely night with a lot of love in the room.  A lot of the audience were as you would expect (35-55 year old women) but there were plenty of chaps there too (and they didn’t look as though they had been dragged out), and there was a 17 year old lad near me who was singing away. 

The four guys have a good range of tones between them and work well together. They didn’t stop after every song to have a chat, which was good as it kept the music flowing and when they did stop to talk to us, it was nice to engage and it wasn’t quick fire nonsense stuff, but talking to us.

The guys all had their chance of coming forward and talking the lead on different songs. They seemed very happy to share the stage with each other, with no strong ego trying to take all the limelight. This is their album tour (just released their 6thstudio album) and their Christmas tour. It is also their first time out without Timmy Mately, who tragically passed away earlier in the year. Timmy had been the lead of the group and a big loss. Perhaps they are still working out who’s going to take the lead, or maybe they will continue with the ‘sharing’. As an audience, hearing each of them sing in turn is more enjoyable. 

They sang a tribute to Timmy and there was a lot of sadness but also you could feel a lot of love. The tour and the album is certainly the healing process for them and as they described, they are stronger for it.

The music suited all ages as it covered a wide era and included tacks: Teardrops, My Girl, Runaway Sue, Say A Little Prayer, Pretty Woman, Love Really Hurts Without You, Get Ready Here I Come, Give Me A Little More Time, Save the last Dance for me ….and heaps more, with some good Christmas tracks thrown in.

The crowd were singing from the off and we were singing loud. The lads were engaging with the audience and encouraging us all to get involved….. not that we needed it, we were straight up and dancing!

Lighting and background video suited the mood of each track. There was plenty of movement around the stage too, they guys were dancing, used the whole of the stage and the two levels. They sat on the steps for some of the softer songs, and it just worked. It was a highly produced, choreographed, planned, slick performance. 

Very impressed with the sound tonight, you could hear the instruments, a very good live band, but they were in the background allowing for The Overtones to be front. The sound enveloped us and with the sound engineers and a lot of equipment, it was perfect. A super fun night out.

Cambridge Corn Exchange is a great venue with good facilities. The tiered seating was out and it soaks up the sound nicely and it was a great view. 

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The Overtones
Cambridge Corn Exchange


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