The Legend of Robin Hood

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We all know this classic story of Robin Hood robbing the rich and giving to the poor and falling in love with Maid Marion …. Or do we? This version of ‘The Legend of Robin Hood’ still contains all the classic elements, however there are a few twists here and there as Robin of Loxley is actually working for the Sheriff!! Oh No he’s not!! Oh Yes he is……

Sheriff of Nottingham is a big baddie who keeps raising taxes on the poor people of Nottingham. Next on the list are bakeries and baked goods  – this is not good news of widow Little Joan who runs the local bakery with her son Rob as they also run the soup kitchen to help the families who have run away to Sherwood Forest. Maid Marion and her squire Will Scarlet meet Robin of Loxley as he comes gallivanting into Nottingham and he’s a bit over the top and not quite what he seems.

Photos from the Theatre Royal’s Facebook Page.

The Sheriff of Nottingham has a brilliant idea (ding!), well he has many as he tries to deceive and plan to kill Maid Marion’s friends and force her to marry him. Each dastardly plan he comes up with is foiled which irritates him even more, however it gives the audience huge amounts of entertainment as we watch each plan take shape….and fail.

It was a big story, cleverly executed to entertain all ages within the audience. There were lots of political jokes throughout the panto, considering there is a theme on raising taxes it was an opportunity too good to miss. They were well placed and funny without trying to make a statement.

“Twelve Days of Christmas’ was the most entertaining track as it was when the sheriff had agreed to help the soup kitchen in order achieve part of his plan. The twelve items were cake based with the fifth day being a pie, which each time went in the face for the Sherriff no matter what he did to try and avoid it.

The most random part was when Robin of Loxley gave a fitness class with large pink fitness balls. Random yet hugely entertaining. The ghosts in the wood were a brilliant scene which excited the kids in the audience. There was plenty going on in this show yet we didn’t feel it was rushed along, the pace was ideal for a family show.

Our narrator is Mavis the Minstrel, who is hilarious. A naturally funny comedy actress who also played Major Maureen in a way which we’ll not forget in a hurry. The youth performers doing the chorus and ensemble parts we all very good, the Sheriffs baddies had some funny enjoyable moments.

The cast were fantastic, portraying their characters with oodles of charm. They were both professional, warm hearted and funny. A sprinkling of songs including ‘Let Me Entertain You’, ‘Hero’, ‘Who Run’s The World?’ and ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ were enough to get us clapping and emotional.

A good level of audience participation with shouting, screaming, singing, clapping and an air guitar solo by spotlight for one lucky guy!!

It was a superbly entertaining show for all the family to enjoy.

Amazing Cast:
Sheriff of Nottingham – Craig Painting
Little Joan – Chris Clarkson
Robin of Loxley – Samuel Knight
Maid Marion – Jessica Dennis
Will Scarlet – Zweyla Mitchell dos Santos
Rob the Baker’s Boy – Ewan Grant
Mavis the Minstrel – Nerine Skinner
Major Maureen McTavish – Nerine Skinner

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