Smoove & Turrell – Antique Soul

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This album introduced me to this British group from Gateshead, and I was immediately hooked onto their sound. It’s their first album and released in 2009 which means I was a little late to their soul party!

It’s a brilliant album and filled with a vibe you might not have come across before and once you have, it’ll always be part of you. Its basis lies in Northern Soul yet with a huge dollop of funk.

Each track is well crafted with grooves to suit the mood, whether it’s up and having to move your body to the vibe, or reflecting on the hard-hitting heartbreak songs. The lyrics are down to earth and real.

It’s nice to hear a full sound and more instruments than expected: saxophone, flute, Hammond, bongo’s, viola, Wurlitzer piano…really give them an edge for bringing something different to the table.

John Turrell’s voice has a sound all of it’s own with it’s rich and gravelly tones – yet it is beautiful. Their sound, words and vocals fuse together to make this epic well-crafted very listenable album. 

Best lyric of the album:

And beats they make a difference
And soul means everything
Music it breeds memories


OperaUpClose – The Magic Flute


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