She Go Looks Back At 2022 From Behind… with Friends

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Karl Minns from The Nimmo Twins, is currently at The Norwich Playhouse with the popular Norfolk mum character: She Go.

A quick into and ‘Shwee Dirt?’ setting the tone for Norfolk filled comedy.

In her pink leisure suit she welcomes the ‘Noo Yare’ in with taking a look at the news highlights during 2022. These are the news highlights from the local news admittedly but seemingly still important to the community as to be reported. Stories such as alien sightings being reported no less than 16 times, or the shocking fact of a parrot eating crisps and not forgetting the turkey twizzler.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe these are real news stories as they are funny, bizarre and the delivery from She Go, hilarious.

Other topics which came under scrutiny was Liz Truss as she is from South West Norfolk, and was used for comedy, although not as much as you thought. The cost of living was an entertaining topic, particularly talking about posh people coming to Aldi and the gaffa tape money saving tips

She Go also introduced us to her new range of colours in her paint collection and new names for yoga poses. Plus, she covered things lost from the region – like premiership football.

There were references to Look East and a description of Lowestoft which cannot be repeated here. The constant taking the micky out of Norfolk and its people is like a machine gun of puns, one liners, sexual innuendos and well timed comedy stories. 

It was not offensive as it’s done with tongue in cheek and the constant laughter from the audience shows how unoffended they were. Besides, She Go is endearing so it’s impossible to get upset at what she says.

A couple of other characters appeared in the show, local policeman doing a Crimewatch update and the folk singer with a few issues. 

Karl is using the opportunity to also try out some new material ready for the next Nimmo Twins tour, which he updates us at the end of the show.

The show, and therefore the comedy, is very Norfolk-centric, with references to many towns and villages being pulled into the conversation to be laughed at, or used in new Beetles songs. To those living in Norfolk this is very humorous as the village nuances are relatable and hysterical, however if you are not from Norfolk, you can still get 99% of the jokes – so don’t let it put you off.

There is only a few dates left of the run at Norwich Playhouse, but you need to be quick as every show has been sold out.

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