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A tripl- bill of dance from the award-winning Mark Bruce Company performing cinematic dance theatre at Ipswich’s DanceEast brings a wonderful show to the region.

Written, Directed and Choreographed by Mark Bruce this performance was quite impressive and pushing the boundaries of dance theatre.

Green Apples

Two dancers perform within the confines of a rope laid out in a circle with music from The White Stripes coming from the amazing sound system at DanceEast. The dancers created a space of powerful physical intensity and magnetic energy as they ebbed and flowed their bodies together. It was a dance of love, passion to the background of some fantastic tracks.

Folk Tales

The music of Martin Simpson was the backdrop to this piece and there were seven folk tales to be told. The lyrical songs depicted the stories of people and the dancers told the stories through their movement. It was lovely to watch and the tales were very relatable. The music was very Celtic based and the dancing reflected that, yet it was also contemporary.


A stunning dance theatre tale of love, tragedy and revenge in a land where phantoms roam free. This piece was filled with incredible dancing, singing, music, theatrical effects which portrayed the darkness exceptionally well. The use of lighting and sound to add to the mystery was astonishing and created a haunting atmosphere. The way they portrayed the surreal nature of the dream-like characters engaged you into the chaotic world. The dancing had all forms of influences and was a delight to watch.

The songs were incredibly moving, the deep tones of the male voice were melancholic and the female voice was stunningly heart wrenching.

The dancers in all three performances were elegant, talented, passionate and dramatic. A thoroughly enjoyable dance show.

Eleanor Duval
Jonathan Goddard
Bryony Harrison
Carina Howard
Christopher Thomas

Mark Bruce Company

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