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A stunning location for a psychedelic rock gig, Ozric Tentacles came to Colchester Arts Centre and performed a very crowd-pleasing set.

Original member and guitarist Ed Wynne showed us why he’s been part of the prog rock scene for nearly 40 years, his guitar playing was spectacular and varied. A striped down version of the band, the instrumental music created by Ed and the synth player (Silas Neptune) was full of wonderful and eclectic sounds – all you would expect from a band who is influenced by everything – including space.

A huge diverse range of genres merged into some great music with some banging beats, we have psychedelic rock, space rock, jazz, electronic, world beats, ambient sounds – all these sounds were thrown into a cauldron and then magically pulled out to create some crackingly crazy enjoyable tunes.

Plenty of samples pre-programmed, of course this is a must as there was so much, however there was still plenty of live playing and mixing additional elements into the show. The duo on stage were busy keeping the tunes filled with exciting sounds – fantastic to hear the exploratory nature of this style of music which inspires up all kinds of imagination for the listener.

Support was from Silas & Saski – an ethereal space folk due with multiple skills. Fantastic synth sounds creating floating, atmospheric and psychedelic sounds loaded with Saskia’s unique dreamy yet chilling voice, almost a blend of Kate Bush and Toyah with a sprinkle of Katherine Jenkins. Even more layers were created by her enchanting flute and guitar playing. Silas managed to play the synth and the guitar at the same time for some tracks and is equally talented with both instruments. Saskia was wearing a face mic which allowed her hands free to swish about the stage in her flowing dress which added to the show. Then she got out here laser hands! Wowsers, that was cool.

A superb evening of amazing psychedelically inspired musical tunes with very few boarders, the Colchester Arts Centre is a perfect venue for such an evening and the additional light show and background video sequences were ideal.

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