Mama’s Gun – Cheap Hotel

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This is a smooth funky album which just sits very pleasantly on the airwaves. Whether it’s a chilled Sunday morning or you have friends over, it is an album that can be listen to and gives out feel-good vibes in almost any situation. As soon as you hear it, you want to put it on again. 

There are tracks that have a more upbeat tempo, although still not reaching ‘pop’ status, keeping the soft funky vibe to keep your head nodding and foot tapping. It’s an album you can sit and listen to, stare out the window and not worry about anything else, or stick it on at the start, or end of a party.

Andy Platt’s voice is easy on the ears and you find yourself humming along to the catchy chorus even though you don’t know the words. His voice has a Prince-like quality of some tracks and his higher ranges are smooth.

The lyrics are meaningful and tell a good story. The album keeps the same vibe throughout even though there are different tempos, however this is good, you don’t want a vibing album running around the place.

The harmonies, use of instruments, sound effects, strings make the tracks rich and full. The production quality is slick and you can hear everything.

It’s comfortable music, don’t take this in a negative way, it’s comfortable because it hugs you. It’s non-offensive, it’s not angry, it just IS. And I never tire of it.

My favourite track is ‘Midas Touch’ – the double tap bass drum to pull the rawness of music through your heart.

Best lyric of the album: 

Love is a fools distraction
It won’t get you very far
Music is my salvation

I think we can all relate to that.



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