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An evening of 70s disco classic tracks at the Spa Pavilion was enough to get people dancing from the very first note!

Lost in Music is a seven-piece band with five fantastic singers who bring the sound of the best 70s music to life for a fun, sparkly, energetic show which was highly enjoyable.

Taking us on a journey through the incredible disco and funky music from this decade were five marvellous singers, two guys and three ladies, who through different singer combinations took turns to entertain. Their solo pieces were amazing and then when they sang all together blew the roof off! 

The superb band barely stopped, I guess this is the only way to fit in a huge number of tracks was to have only a heartbeat rest between the songs. No introduction was needed for each song so it was a night of continuous music, which ever singer was on stage they quickly and smoothly moved out the way for the next one to take their place. While off stage they were going for a quick change of outfit and there were quite a few dazzling outfits adding to the glitz and glamour of the night.

There was probably only one song I wasn’t familiar with, the rest were utter belters. I couldn’t catch their names but the two men of the group sang Earth, Wind & Fire tracks including ‘September’ and ‘Fantasy’, they came off and one lady came out for ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ she stayed on stage and joined by the other ladies for ‘Let’s Groove Tonight’ – you get the idea of the format as the singers were well choreographed to come on and off the stage for maximum entertainment for the audience.

Even though it was practically back-to-back songs, the band still managed to build a small rapport with the audience. We were instructed to get our phones out to a rendition of ‘After the Love Has Gone’ we were rewarded with a fabulous sax solo. They encouraged us to sing along, clap, dance, wave arms, smile and cheer. 

The track list seemed endless from so many good artists such as Donna Summer, Sister Sledge, Chic to fill the set list with songs that included: ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’, Hot Stuff’, Greatest Dancer’, ‘I’m Coming Out’, ‘Bad Girl’, ‘Car Wash’, ‘Good Times’, and ‘Disco Inferno’ and so many, many more.

The musicians were fantastic and their talents were shown off as they had a few solos showing what they could do, plus it seemed some of the tracks were played for a little longer than the record length, again just for the audience enjoyment.

Dancing was encouraged at the Spa Pavilion, as long as you moved to the aisles and not disturb those choosing to remain seated – it was hard to keep still to be honest as the music was so good. A lot of people got up to dance and it was fabulous to see such a crowd with their moves. Everyone had a great time.

Lost In Music are on tour for 2023/2024 – check out their tour dates here.

The Spa Pavilion have a jammed-packed schedule of shows, take a look here.



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