Leon O’Leary Wins BurySOUND 2020 Heat 2

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Another fabulous evening hosted by Seymour for Heat Two, with 5 bands battling it out for the next slot at the final on March 20th.

The second act to get through to the final was the first act of the night: Leon O’Leary

Leon with his electric guitar and sister Izzy singing backing harmonies. By his own admission, Leon writes soppy love songs, being heartbroken and depressed, however there was still hope. His storytelling is mature for a 17-year-old song writer and all the tracks were well performed and very listenable. The guitar was kept simple and used to keep the pace of the songs, rather than overpowering and interfering. Leon has a lovely tone to his voice and was able to articulate the lyrics and Izzy’s backing vocals match perfectly to create an ethereal pop style. A talented singer/songwriter, Leon is one to watch.

Other contestants on the line up for Heat 2:

SUBSTATION: an excellent effort from girl-fronted indie rock group comprising of 14-15 year olds. It seemed there was lots going as they were smashing through the tracks. A couple of good imaginative songs with some cracking lyrics. An enjoyable set with a naturally created mosh pit from the audience.  

Kill The Crow: a metal duo who filled the sound space as though there were more guys on the stage. An exciting drummer with plenty of imaginative sounds coming through. Singer and guitarist is metal through and through with his riffs and voice to match. An uncompromising band with a political attitude raising subjects that need to be talked about. Plenty of head banging from the audience. 

The 55: an absolutely brilliant young band. An indie-alternative five-piece, these guys have an energy and style that is unique and charming. Lots of instruments with their own character but it all came together: the tracks were imaginatively constructed, the bass was heard and used beyond a simple bass line. They also and a trumpet! The brass was an intelligent addition to their sound and it wasn’t overused. Impressive band personality for a group of young guys. A real variety to their tracks and lead singer Louis has a raw confidence – these are certainly ones to keep an eye on. 

The Taboos: a tight trio with great musicality. These guys are polished and have a comfortable recognisable sound with their Brit-pop power anthems.

A.N.G headlined the night to entertain the crowd while the judges deliberated the vote. 

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Photo credit Tony Bell.


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