James White & The Wild Fire

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Recorded live at the Saffron Hall gig back in June 2021 when we were first coming out of lockdown, this album from James White & The Wild Fire is filled with foot tapping, banjo loving blue grass and bluesy folk tracks.

James has a rawness and warmth to his voice which add to the richness of the lyrics. Each track tells a story….which certainly gives us an insight into his life!

The live version includes some of the banter with the audience and some funny moments, which reflects James’ fun loving character.

There is great banjo playing, which is at the forefront of the tracks and you just can’t help tapping your foot. There is a mix of tracks from bouncy folky/pop to more rocky tracks with some great guitar riffs. It’s simple, yet eclectic mix of tracks played by talented musicians.

In the band we have:

James White – Guitar/Vocals 
Lee Dorrington – Cajon 
Brooke Bond – Double Bass
Ed Goldsmith – Banjo 

An 8-track album ‘Meet Me at the Creek’ is my favourite track, particularly because of the fast pace ‘swagger’ and the change of pace instrumental section.

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