Illusion Impossible

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A night of magic, illusion, dazzling lights and old school family entertainment! We were treated to a non-stop show for all ages that made us laugh, smile and wonder.

The theatre went dark then with a boom of loud theatrical music Kayden Black bounded on stage with a flame and out of three different impossible boxes, one which levitated, out came three different women. And off he went to a big applause.

On came Michael Carr, our compare for the night, and what a great compare! He was funny and showed us a few fun tricks in-between the bigger acts. Over the course of the evening he managed to get a few audience members out on the stage to help him, and all obliged with a smile while being taken the mick out of. As well as a few card tricks and his brilliant rope trick he also did a couple of predictions, which came across as totally random so I have no idea how he did this as each one was correct. 

Magician Oliver Tabor showed us some spectacular sleight of hand tricks and produced several white doves. He made one vanish and I still have no idea where he put it.

Kayden Black returned to the stage with more illusions and tricks, again producing different assistants from boxes after slicing the boxes with metal sheets. Kayden is a world speed illusionist and is soon to be attempting to break the reckon of the number of illusions performed in a set time.

The Glamourists, Oliver has paired up with Vicky Butterfly for a duo act of illusions and magic. Vicky had a couple of solo pieces which included her dancing with lighted wings which created a delightful light performance. Together they were doing clever vanishing tricks.

The format worked well, with Michael Carr keeping everyone entertained while the stage was being set up for the next big trick. And having each illusionist come on do a bit, then another comes on so it helped mix and match the performances and make it more enjoyable for the audience.

This show was certainly glitzy however it wasn’t as slick as it could have been and there were some obvious technical hitches which they managed to get through professionally, and there was a prop which got left behind at the last venue. There were some of the pieces which were very dark, maybe more technical issues with the lighting, however it certainly stopped seeing how the tricks were done, we almost couldn’t see the illusion being done in the first place.

We did have a very special guest on this night: Wayne Dobson. Wayne was a big name in the 80s & 90s and had his own magic show on TV. Now, however he cripplingly suffers from MS and is paralysed from the neck down. He came on and conducted a magic trick with an audience member. There was a lot of love and respect as his story was told and he is determined to carry on performing whenever he can.

Despite the technical issues, there was magic performed this night and as an audience we had fun and some laughs.

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