Colourblind Hedgehogs

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Self-described as ‘offering no-nonsense rock and roll and are always up for a laugh’ Colour Blind Hedgehogs have been going for 25 years and their experience was certainly evident, as well as their following.

Singer, 2 guitars, bass and drums – classic 5-piece rock group and playing good solid rock covers from Rolling Stones, The Who, AC/DC, Faces…all the usual. 

Faces and Rod Stewart tracks suited the singer very well with his tone of voice. Generally heavier versions of the non-rock songs as you’d expect from a rock covers band however I thought the balance of heavy pop was just right: it wasn’t too heavy to put people off, it was a level where people were nodding heads and tapping feet. Had the crowd up dancing pretty much straightaway as they had a good sound.

It was nice to hear them play one of their own tracks. It was certainly foot tapping and enjoyable enough to fit into the set and not stand out and I can imagine it being played on the radio. 

They didn’t play many modern tracks, there was a Green Day song in there but the majority of songs were from the 60s, 70s era which wasn’t an issue as there were some great bands then. They played a couple you wouldn’t usually hear such as Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Can’t fault the playing ability and sound from these guys, they’re experienced enough that they could have done it in their sleep. Worth booking for any party to keep the (rockers) audience entertained.

Colour Blind Hedgehogs brought a crowd with them, more of the older generation as reflected in the covers they played. Which isn’t a problem as you have to keep your audience happy, however more modern tracks wouldn’t go a miss and will attract a few of the younger crowd to keep the followers for another 25 years.

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Colourblind Hedgehogs


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