BurySOUND 2023- Heat 5

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Millie Kirkpatrick’s vocals and song writing abilities were enough to beat a varied heat of quality music on the last heat of BurySOUND 2023.

Being a solo artist in a band competition can be a tough battle against well-practiced musicians which means you need to bring something else to the table. Millie had confidence while showcasing her original songs and her convincing voice fluttered over her strong lyrics and listenable melodies.

Other acts of the night included:

Sub Liminal, a young 5-piece with a post punk vibe and an uber cool lead. These guys banged out some cracking songs and have a good potential.

The most unique act of the whole competition was Bamboo Powders who was one man, an electric guitar who was using a bit of looping and a bit of backing tracks to create a sound with a multitude of influences. This created an overall vibe which was slightly funky, slightly chilled, slightly 70s, slightly shoegaze, and slightly …. It was interesting, unique and would be one to watch to see where he goes with it.

Jett 9 brought the heavy machinery to the night with their heavy rock thumping drums and guitars. The lead singer had a quality voice which brought a different vibe to this genre.

Not Until Four were clean and polished, they engaged the crowd with their slick indie rock tracks. Two different singers, one male and one female gave the songs an added variety.

Headlining were the punky high energy QueenDogs.

The line-up for the Final of BurySOUND 2023 is:

Millie Kirkpatrick

The final is held at The Apex and it’s only a fiver for a great night of local music – get tickets here.


Village Idiot

Sleeping Beauty


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