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The grand final of BurySOUND 2022 was a huge success and a fantastic night.  Held at The Apex for all the competing acts to perform in a larger venue with a great sound system. All the acts too to the larger stage exceptionally well, as though they were all born for it!

First up were Three Years Younger – a trio with talent oozing out of them. Folky pop storytelling songs with beautiful voices. The two sisters sing with passion and angelic harmonies and were undoubtly the best singers of the whole competition.

Gracing the stage next were Queen Dogs. The youngest band of the competition however this didn’t stop them from showing the audience they mean business. Their punky rock sounds were belted out with a level of energy and fun which captured the attention of the audience. It’s encouraging to see young talent bursting onto the scene.

The middle act were Fuse and there was a lot of support in the crowd wearing their merch, it was good to see. They started their set with a cover of ‘Feeling Good’ with a rock feel which captured the crowd and set a high bar for the rest of their set. Their tracks were enjoyable and commercial and they had plenty of confidence on the stage getting the crowd singing along.

Next up were Hungry and they were ready to showcase their music abilities. Heavy drum sound, brilliant guitar playing and nice to hear some proper guitar melodies. The singer has a nice deep tone and mixes the tracks up with some quick rapping. Excellent to see them bring a new song release to the set.

Last to go on were Collars a punk duo who pushes all kinds of musical boundaries, from singing with a megaphone, custom drums all played with the feet as Kane also played the guitar, to exploring different directions of each track. Their set was refreshingly different.

While the judges went off to deliberate, last year’s Winners Fleas got to entertain the crowd. The judges took ages to make a decision. While frustrating for everyone as they went over time, it just showed how difficult it was due to the high standards from all the quality acts.

The winners of BurySOUND 2022: COLLARS

The Rising Star Prize went to QUEEN DOGS

Well done to all the bands through the heats and those who made it to the final. And let’s give huge pats on the back to the guys behind the scenes, with special mention to Seymour Quigley and Tim Willet who are constantly working hard to support new music in the region.



40 min Playlist 20.03.22


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