Bures Music Festival 2022

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Bures Music Festival held their postponed 25th Anniversary celebration this year and what a celebration it was. The weather was hot, the crowd were enthused and the music was fabulous!

It’s a six-day festival, albeit 2 nights of music is held in St Mary’s Church in the village before the full festival, there was the Suffolk Soul Singers belting out songs to bring joy to the crowd, and a great night of jazz and rhythm & blues from The Derek Nash Organ Trio.

The main festival kicked off on the Thursday evening with B-Fest competition which is a showcase for local young performers to have their time on the main stage in the Big Top, and the winner, Haydn Hammond, gets to play to the full crowd on the Saturday – what a great experience!

Most of the weekend campers were arriving on the Friday and as the gates opened, people were eager to get their spot to enjoy the evening. Friday’s entertainment was filled with a blues/rock feel and although the Animals (one original member) were there and fantastic, Elles Bailey was divine.

Saturday was filled with pop, rock and indie beats with a great set from New Purple Celebration, who are probably the best Prince tribute band around, and a crowd singing & jumping finale from The Fillers.

Even more excellent music filled the day on Sunday, including crowd pleasing Funk 2K, The ELO Encounter and to top off an amazing weekend was Madness tribute band The Los Palmas 6.

The festival almost has room for a tiny acoustic stage and there is not the usual dilemma of trying to make a decision on which band to go and see, the organisers have cleverly put the acoustic acts in between the main stage acts, so you don’t miss a thing! (also helps with getting the main stage set up for the next act mind). Entertaining the audience here were quality acts such as Phoebe Austin, Serena Grant and Chad Mason.

Several things which makes this festival special: it’s small and intimate. As it’s on the community sports ground there is limited space and therefore limited tickets, this gives it a wonderful friendly feel in an environment where you could make friends for life. It also means wherever you were on the field you could hear the music and with a very good sound system and sound techs, it was a superb sound in all the corners. It’s also a not-for-profit music festival and the monies raised goes to a host of local clubs and charities.

As this festival is getting on the radar the tickets sell out quickly so make sure this one is on your list from now on.

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Photo Credit: Barry Hughes

Bures Music Festival


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