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Sadler’s Wells Breakin’ Convention is in its 20th year and has been touring the UK with its graffiti art exhibitions, DJ sets, workshops and dance battles in a celebration of all things hip hop!

Norwich Theatre Royal was host to a day of events which kicked off with Open Cyphers and battles hosted by Kelfx, a Graffiti art workshop with Kev Parker, Stencil workshop with Reprezent Project, Graffiti showcase with Inter & Dubz and a Scratch set from DJ Sure DJ & Just One.

The main performance show in the theatre was a showcasing of amazing dance talent and performances which exhibited the great and wonderful variety within hip hop.

As well as the international touring professionals the convention was an opportunity for local dance groups to be heavily involved. We got to see local groups: ‘Garage Fridays’ who were a young hip hop crew having fun with a shindig, ‘LEGACY’ who are an all-male award-winning street dance group who’s energy and clever moves created a feast for the eyes, and ‘Parallel Dance Studios (UK)’ dance group created a piece which was a fusion of styles. All three groups were enjoyable to watch and it was a delight to see the dance talent in the region.

The professionals were quite remarkable. All very different in their styles, however each performance was amazing.

Yvonne Smink (Netherlands) was body waving perpendicular to a vertical pole while only holding on with, what seemed just her ankle! Her strength and ability to be so fluid in her movements gave her such grace and all while holding onto the pole, she was mesmerising. Photo credit: Paul Hampartsoumian.

Fly No Filter (UK) gave a unique and vulnerable performance combining storytelling, hip hop movement and sound. Quite moving and the auditorium was silent as he spoke his story of living with an illness. 

MOVER (South Korea) were a dance crew with exceptional skills whilst executing an interesting merry-go-round concept. One of the crew had such an explosive power as he spun and bounced around, it was epic. We then had an excellent beatboxer doing his ‘thang’ while the dancers battled. An amazing opportunity to see different cultural elements of hip hop. Photo credit: Paul Hampartsoumian & Belinda Lawley.

Ghetto Funk Collective (Netherlands) – these guys were smooooooth! With an old school 70s deep funk soundtrack, this crew bounced, shrugged and slid their way across the stage as cool as cucumbers. Telling a story through their set, their funky style was engaging and entertaining.

The night was MC’d by Jonzi D (founder of Breakin’ Convention) who was clearly passionate about hip hop and delighted to introduce the audience to all the amazing talent. 

It was a fantastic day filled with dance, fun, laughter and plenty of talent.

For more information about Breakin’ Convention click here.


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