Beth Hart – Fire on the Floor

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1 – 2 – 3 – this is Beth Hart with her jazzy, bluesy, country, rock style that is all her own. Her voice is rich, unique and filled with the emotion of her life. Each song draws you into her world, she exposes her heart to us as she pours out her feelings and you can feel her truth. This woman is completely authentic.

Beth is a pianist and therefore there is plenty of tinkling on the ivories and with the blues/jazz it works effortlessly. The mixture and balance of jazz tracks, blues tracks, country rock tracks, sassy tracks is spot on as it takes you through an emotional journey and I almost feel exhausted listening to this album. It certainly drags up your own feelings of heartbreak, however it empowers you through that crushing hurt and drags you through the other side. ‘Love is a Lie’ is a perfect song to learn the words and scream them out at the top of your lungs to get ‘love’ out of your system.

It’s not all heartbreak, there are some lighter, fun tracks ie ‘Coca Cola’ which is about a summer love. The whole album is a story.

The band are spot on, with the jazzy slant we have the sax and trumpet – it’s just all good. There are plenty of amazing guitar riffs and there is a Hammond. That always makes me happy.

I’m torn between two tracks to choose for my favourite of the album but with a gun to my head I’ll go with the title song ‘Fire on the Floor’. It’s a sassy blues heartbreak ballad which still powers you up.

If you are feeling emotional while you listen to this album, you’re likely be in need of tissues for a couple of them as she is so passionate. 

I am lucky enough to have seen her in concert, twice, and she’s amazing live. It’s worth checking this artist out and adding her to your play list – you won’t be disappointed. 

Best lyric of the album:

Every hound in the band’s gotta sound
Howling away it must be judgement day



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