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‘All The Time in The World ‘ is a world premiere at Ipswich DanceEast from Eleesha Drennan, and is about life, love and the beautiful moments. “I’m fascinated by the way time connects us and divides us” says Eleesha, who is the choreographer and director.

This powerful double bill is filled with emotional dance set to incredible original music with a couple of well-known songs interspersed at the right moments.

The first short performance entitled ‘Whiskers 2’ is a sequel solo and is a decade on from when Whiskers was first performed. Originally inspired by La Loba – the she-wolf and by confronting the darkest places in her psyche, death, loss and the struggle to let go, La Loba becomes emboldened by maternal instincts to discover a new found primal power. This piece is dedicated to Eleesha’s grandmother and is about transformation and adaptation. Eleesha also performs this piece and you are instantly drawn to her presence on the stage and although a short performance you can see that transformation and the primal power. Eleesha dances inside a circle of bones and uses them to empower the story, the adaptation is realised as the power is accepted and she turns towards the moonlight to continue with life’s journey. The musical score to this piece was fantastic, highlighting its primal nature with beats, vocal breaths, grunts and murmurs, it melded so well with the performance.

‘Infinite Glimpse’, the second and longer piece is inspired by Eleesha’s distorted perceptions of time following her husband’s brain surgery. The performance is filled with bittersweet memories, hope, love and the fear of losing it all. The four dancers (Marla King, Paola Drera, Michael Marquez & Daniel Navarro Lorenzo) perform a range of memories and feelings while initially encircled by hourglasses, which then are re-positioned around the stage during each emotion.

They magnificently portray that anxious feeling of time when we never seem to have enough, or when time stops still to enjoy the present, or when things are so frantic we can’t think straight.

The level of control with the fluidity of movement from all the dancers for these two performances was a delight to experience and a joy to watch.

DanceEast is a great performance space with an incredible sound system and with their Spring 2022 season already listed it is worth taking a look and seeing what you fancy.

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