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An evening showcasing original local talent at The Hunter Club.

Underline The Sky – headlining tonight’s show and they didn’t disappoint with their high energy performance. A decade of gigging experience and a set stuffed full of original rock pop tracks to entertain the audience who couldn’t keep still. Female lead who’s sexy, full of warm energy and charisma with a rock voice that can truly belt out a tune. She looks great and not worried about rocking up a sweat to give 100% to the audience. There was plenty of chat and anecdotes and the engagement absorbed us more to their sound. We were treated to an unreleased track and a thoroughly enjoyable set. FB Link.

Influx of Insanity– a duo with a difference: drummer and a guitar and kicking off their set with an instrumental. Is that brave? No, confident and they should be. These guys were creating some unique and interesting sounds. Using the guitar to create sounds you’d get from a synth was unexpected. Most of the tracks were instrumental yet you almost didn’t realise as you were engrossed in the tracks.

The drummer sang one or two while the guitarist did some backing and I think he might have sang one – it didn’t actually matter as they played with their emotions. Difficult to describe as all the acts played with passion tonight, but this was some kind of emotional attachment to their instruments and the sounds they were making. It’s not your normal rock band: it had the teenage angst but with a style all of their own and the rock fans in the room certainly appreciated the throng and the creative playing. You could hear their tracks on a soundtrack to a major movie and they wouldn’t be out of place. Progressive rock is made cool with these two. FB Link.

Blood Like Honey – Heavy punk rock trio with lead guitar on vocals and great rock vocals – softness yet rock hardness and thrashy punky angst lyrics in tune when needed and the ability to sing at different volumes – nice skills.

This trio gels very well, their energy feeding off each other for their brilliant sound. The bass also had melodies to play rather than just thumping along and some complex drumming going too – this band have their fundamental talent in the right place and can only get bigger.

The guys are totally transfixed in what they are doing on stage and although not a lot of chat their stage presence and energy was enough to engross the audience. Something different about these guys and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Variety and versatility in their tracks and a blend of punk and rock in all the right places. FB Link.

Leon O’Leary – with his electric guitar and sister Lizzy singing backing harmonies. By his own admission, Leon writes soppy love songs filled with depression, however there was meaning to the words and a story. Lizzy’s voice matched very well and made it haunting and ethereal, it worked well. His storytelling is mature for a young song writer and all the tracks were well performed and very listenable. A talented musician and singer/songwriter Leon is one to watch. FB Link.

A well-presented evening from 42Gigs.



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